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fellamelad wrote: Hi i have built an MTH-30 using 18mm Ply and just sized up the cab by working out the internal measurements and working outwards if you know what i mean , in other words the whole cab is 6mm wider 12mm deeper and 9mm higher , i think that was right but i could just measure up the cab .

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giveortake wrote: Use this thread to discuss the MTH-30 design posted here .

Just in case anyone's interested, I've put together an Excel design spreadsheet that uses the MTH30's fold. You can modify the dimensions of each panel and also the rate of expansion, and the spreadsheet kicks out the corresponding HornResp parameters. To use the spreadsheet effectively, you need to ensure that any changes you make keep the "error" line in the horn expansion graph as close to zero as possible. Then just plug the parameters into HornResp to sim the results.

As shown, it suggests that two of the internal panels in the MTH30 plan might be a little short, about 1cm or so. I doubt that would make a noticeable difference to its output however.
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Thanks a lot Brian this is an amazing contribution !!

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Hi guys.

I have recently bought a collection of used speakers, and amongst them was some MTH30 enclosures. Unloaded.
So i am thinking of loading these things and see what they can do. Would be a nice little set of bins for small gigs and stuff.

But what to load them with today?
PD 12SB30 is not an option anymore, so i need to find something else.
I have read that Beyma 12LX60V2 should be good. And they are relativly easy to obtain.
But are there any better options? 18sound, B&C, Beyma, PD, Fane and RCF are all easy for me to get here in Denmark.
I dont care so much about the list pricing, so dont take that into account.

Right now i only focus on sound quality and SPL :)

Kind regards - Frank

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