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Hi all, I’m new here. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. 

I bought two Altec Lansing A7-800 kits in 1974, and built my own cabinets identical to the Valencia design of the day. They are crossed at 800Hz and use the 811B horn. About 15 years ago, I sent both HF drivers to Great Plains Audio to have new domes installed because one of them failed. They did a great job. One of the LF drivers has a rub in the voice coil. After 50 years, the crossovers are likely out of spec and the bass drivers may have lost some of their magnetism. I’m thinking of shelving them for now and replacing the LCR speakers with a new design.

I have built many speakers over the past 45 years. I’ve never designed my own crossovers but I can build them if I have a schematic. I prefer to just buy them though. My home theater is a mix of the Altec Valencias (L,R), two Eminence subs of my own design, and a center channel I designed using an RCF tweeter/horn and an Eminence 6” LF driver. It's crossed at 1.6kHz. My goal is to rebuild the LCR speakers so that a uniform blend is achieved.

I looked at the Toid website where they show the Cinema 10 speakers. They seem very good but I have questions about them and the moderation of their site is sub par. You can wait weeks for an answer. Hence, why I'm here instead.

In Ontario, I have easy access to Eminence drivers and waveguides. I could design my own cabinets but I'd prefer to build a proven design. I'd also prefer ready made crossovers. Please share your thoughts. Many thanks again!

- Lee
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