Frequency:  80Hz to 180+Hz 

Enclosure Type: Banpbass horn

Size: 78 x 60 x 78 cm

Recommended Driver:  MB12G301 Spec Sheet


MKH-230 (red) vs HD215 (black):


Designer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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ricosound replied the topic:
5 years 9 months ago
thanks Cubo for the reply , very appreciated....due to the long delivery of the RCF drivers I decided to park the project of the MKH230 and most likely built  some Cubo kick 15" ;-)
I've found the overall dimensions and shape of the MKH230 more difficult to handle and set up with my current system
Cubo15 replied the topic:
5 years 9 months ago
T/S-parameter wise the RCF MB12G301 is a twin of the 18Sound 12ND830, which is neodymium but and therefore shouldn't have any problem fitting in the narrow space. For other drivers a Sketchup file might be a good idea.
ricosound replied the topic:
5 years 9 months ago
Hello builders !

I was wondering if anyone have used an alternative driver for the MKH230 ...plans recommend the RCF MB12G301 which is the one I have ordered but I have just been informed by the seller that it has a 6 weeks delivery time. I was wondering if waiting on looking for an alternative ....maybe someone has tried and tested some other drivers that I can consider as optional.
Speaker plans seems to be designed around the RCF from a chassis point of view too so it may be hard to find another good fit , but maybe...

thanks !
ricosound replied the topic:
5 years 10 months ago
hi cubo

thanks for the quick reply, I'll follow the advice then...
Cubo15 replied the topic:
5 years 10 months ago
As a rule of thumb, for mid bass and up: Always in the chamber but not in the horn (so not in front of the driver). I would keep it at that.
ricosound replied the topic:
5 years 10 months ago
Hi Cubo ,

thanks for the reply as always...I missed it for a bit , I usually get a notification on my email but I may have missed that as well :-/

In the meantime I move forward with the project and I did as you them mentioned in your reply. I'm half way through the building on one MKH230....funny part is that you realized the size of these boxes once you start building them, which is why I really like all the cubos design, compact and strong.
I ended up using a 18mm plywood even if it's a single driver design, I think I could have gone with the 15mm and have a lighter box but when I redesigned it to cut the pieces on a CNC the 3 mm change was messing a bit with angles and mitred cut so instead of recalcualting everything I went the easier route and kept it 18mm...

now I have another point to consider, Have anyone used sound dampening material on the inner walls of this speaker ? I did used it on Cubo Kick 12" and I think it helped the overall sound I was wondering if I should do the same before I complete it....
if so, should the dampening material be applied on the inner walls around the driver and also in front of it ? Trying to avoid to put it in areas where it will be visible from the outside for cosmetic reasons.
Attached a quick sketch about where I'm thinking to apply it shown as red rectangles

thanks !!
Cubo15 replied the topic:
5 years 10 months ago
If you want to have a single driver MKH-230, basically you have to take half the internal width of a double and add a side panel (don't count bracing here). As long as the bracing doesn't add a lot of volume or blocks anything, the exact shape and size is up to you. Keep in mind it's primary function though ;)

How's your French? Single MKH-230
ricosound replied the topic:
5 years 11 months ago
Hello builders and soundsystem lovers

posting here something about the MKH230 design although the plans on the website for this design doesn't look like the MKH230 by Marco.O available on his profile in Hornsplan website.

MKB230 and MKH230 have the same plans here on Freespeakerplans but they are not, looks like someone has pointed this out already anyway

.I've been thinking about building some bass kick speakers based on the MKH230 model.Originally a double 12" box I'm looking at modifying the design to be used with a single 12" driver.
Still using a set of two speakers.It will be easier and lighter to move around than the version with double driver.
 These are the main reasons why I'm looking at doing this and transportation with my current capabilities.

I'm currently using a custom built soundsystem playing Jamaican music from ska to roots on vinyl records.
The stack is made of 4 Cubo12" stacked on top of each other in set of two speakers per row. Over these I'm now using 2 Cubo Kick12" and 2 b&c design mid tops with 1 12" driver and 1" compression driver horn.

I've been quite happy with the overall sound so far, we play in small to medium spaces ( pub/bar type of room ) and most of times have to keep the sound to half of it's potential.
The MKH230 will replace the Cubo kicks, not because I'm not happy with them but mostly bcs I want to experiment more and build some different design..Anyone has done any mod like that to the MKH230 ?

 I basically have moved the side wall of the double MKH230 to the center of the baffle panel ( where the bracing piece is on the original design ) then moved the bracing panel in the center between left and right sidewall. ( see below image for a quick visual reference on the sketch up model of the MKH230 )I'm thinking of adding an horizontal bracing as well in the middle of the vertical bracing just for the look of it ( thinking of giving a contoured profile to the bracing rather than the current plan where the panel is just straight) ....bad idea ?
Also...anyone using this kicks can spare some feedback ?

Looking at future expansion of this sound this choice may not be the wiser as I will have 4 kicks with 2 different design so not the best idea to use them all 4 together in a bigger set up but I guess that when I'll go that route I may look into using different bass speakers ( super scoops most likely ) and then design the kick section around those 

thanks !
mahesh122 replied the topic:
8 years 9 months ago
I lived it's
edsel replied the topic:
11 years 5 months ago
could someone come up with the 15" version of it?
Electrical_EngiNerd replied the topic:
11 years 6 months ago
Wow man, thanks for the link to the box calculator! This may play into a twist I wanted to add the gig: Each of the four speakers will be driven by four separate special guitar pickups with very specific frequency bandwidths. If each of the four speaker enclosures were designed to have a high acoustical gain (or resonance?) at these four specific bandwidths, that would be the bawm!... That's like, acoustical crossover networks!... Heady stuff!
bgrade replied the topic:
11 years 6 months ago
I would just design my own for reflex. WinIsd is a great resource to help design one or there is this online box calculator

If you really want to go with a premade plan, you could try making a full range cab like a DM2 . It would go higher than needed but I bet it would sound awesome for a bass cab.
Electrical_EngiNerd replied the topic:
11 years 6 months ago
Thanks, any plans here that you might suggest?
bgrade replied the topic:
11 years 6 months ago
That seems like a pretty restrained range for a bass guitar. I would think a bass guitar would go lower than that. I would think you would want to get down at least to 60hz unless you are using a separate sub-bass cab too. On the top end I would try to hit at least 5K.

Personally I would go with a nice two or three way reflex box.
Electrical_EngiNerd replied the topic:
11 years 6 months ago
Does MKH-230 = MKB-230?
They look like the same plans.
Any other suggestions for a large bandwidth horn?
Any other suggestions for bass guitar speaker cabinet?
Bandwidth of bass guitar is 329.63 to 1108.73 Hz
replied the topic:
13 years 22 hours ago
@tamuksthe side with 77.0cm is the bottom. :)
tamuks replied the topic:
13 years 5 months ago
its a big cabinet .which side is bottom